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Procedure to follow to apply for spectacles from SANDF (permanent force members)

  1. Go to your nearest sick bay and ask for application for the authorisation forms for eye test and spectacles OR phone Gezina at 012 319 3213 and apply for authorisation telephonically.
  2. Collect the authorisation forms at your nearest sick bay.
  3. Bring the forms with you when you come in for the eye test. Although it is always better to make an appointment, we will try our best to help you immediately even if you just walk in.

They will need our supplier code to print the authorization forms:


Benefits for 2020:

Test:                            R 400.00 (every 2 years)

Frame:                        R 600.00 (every 4 years)

Lenses:                       White, generic lenses (every 2 years)

Contact lenses:          R 1,600.00 (every 2 years). Either contact lenses or spectacles, but not both in the same 2 year cycle.

Please note that if you stay within these limits, there will be no extra payment for members.


We specialise in testing children and can do screening tests from as young as 6 months.


Here are the sick bay telephone numbers:

Air force gym:            012 351 4039

68 Tek Base:              012 672 5104

Armscor:                    012 355 5163

Dequar Road:            012 355 1961

1 Mil Hospital:           012 314 0099

Murray Hill:                012 529 1762

Procedure for Regular Forces Continuation Medical Fund members (VPA members)

You do not have to apply for authorization before the time. When you come in for the eye test, we will phone for authorization on your behalf.


Benefits for 2020:

Test:                R 518,80 (every 2 years)

Frame:            R 400.00 (every 4 years)

Lenses:           Generic, white lenses

Contact lenses:          R 756.00 (every 2 years). Either contact lenses or spectacles, but not both in the same 2 year cycle.



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As we are also parents and understand the frustration and challenges we’ve decided to focus our community service project on the schools in our community.


Statistically sight contributes around 80% of learning, therefor we need to ensure healthy eyes and good vision to enable our kids to reach their full potential.


Our approach is to identify vision problems as early as possible by performing a screening test. The screening test is performed during our visits at the schools in our area, if needed a comprehensive eye and vision examination is recommended.


Equipped with extra paediatric optometric training and our Welch Allen spot screener, we started in 2016 screening our first 164 children's eyes. In 2018 we screened 511 children in Paratus Primary and Laerskool Swartkop. 116 children, almost 25% needed a comprehensive eye and vision examination.


Our mission is to screen all the pre-primary and primary school children in our community at least once by 2022


The babies and children of New Beginningz, House of Safety, crept into our hearts unexpectedly. Our state of the art screener made it possible to screen babies as young as 3 months. We picked up a few problems that would have gone unnoticed for a long time. Treatment could start immediately and as one 4-year-old stated: I wear my magic glasses every day.


If you want us to come to your school, please contact us to arrange a date and time.

Laerskool Swartkop

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Paratus Primary

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New Beginningz

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